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Humane Society’s Wayne Pacelle: ‘Animals … Just Need to Be Left Alone’

“Animals for the most part just need to be left alone.” – Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society, from a story in the Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2008. Quote Source: http://www.naiaonline.org/naia-library/articles/quotes-from-the-leaders-of-the-animal-rights-movement/#sthash.aA6zwuBI.dpbs Base Photo: Old World Shaving Parlor Bulldog. Photo by Jazz Guy.  Read more →

Ingrid Newkirk: Pet Ownership Is ‘Abysmal,’ Result of ‘Manipulation’

“Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation.” – from Ingrid Newkirk’s “Just Like Us” in Harper’s, August 1988 Quote Source: http://www.naiaonline.org/naia-library/articles/quotes-from-the-leaders-of-the-animal-rights-movement/#sthash.aA6zwuBI.lCvVk99y.dpbs Base Photo: Puppy dog hug. Photo by SMLP.co.uk.  Read more →